Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Arcia's achy back

I am generally loathe to get excited over wintertime injuries, but Oswaldo Arcia has been out for a while now in the Venezuelan winter league with back issues. He reportedly told his team last week that he was ready to return to action, but didn't report for duty during the weekend.

The outfielder had some back issues in September as well.

There's a lot of unknowns here: Is this the same injury, or a different issue? Upper back or lower back?

I have a certain amount of personal experience with back problems, and I am confident of this: If Arcia's having problems in his lower back, he also has -- or will have -- problems with his hamstrings.

At this point, I would think it wise for the Twins to get Arcia back to the States and find out what's going on with his core. That would be prudent, not an overreaction -- not after nearly two weeks and a promised return that didn't happen.

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  1. A violent swing cannot be good medicine for a sore lower back.