Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter Meetings, Day Three: Rumors and rumors of rumors

For a brief while Wednesday, it sounded as if the Twins had landed Ervin Santana. Then the New York writer who had sounded that alarm backed off, and things died down.

For the record, as I have no real objection to signing Santana in and of itself . I do object -- strenously -- to the continued accumulation of veteran arms for the apparent purpose of keeping guys like Alex Meyer and Trevor May in the minors.

Sign Santana? How about getting rid of Mike Pelfrey first? Ryan has said this week that Pelfrey is coming to camp as a starter "and we'll go from there." We know where we're going from there. The veteran will have his squatter's rights on a rotation job, and they won't pull the plug on him until mid-May. That's the established pattern.

I won't trust the Twins to make the right call on Pelfrey until he's gone.


The Twins reportedly made a pitch to Francisco Liriano, but the lefty re-signed with Pittsburgh. Can't blame him. There's a comfort level there. He's had success there.

Ditto Pat Neshek, who signed with Houston. Supposedly the Twins were looking to bring him back, but the separation between him and the Twins was ugly enough that I would think he'd be reluctant to return.


Rule 5 draft this morning. That might wind up being the highlight for the Twins at this winter meetings. Considering some of the free agents they've been linked to (Kyle Kendrick?), that might not be a bad thing. Doing nothing is preferable to signing Kendrick.

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