Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Sunday Funnies

The 1916 Philadelphia Athletics were about as bad a team as took the field in the 20th Century, winning just 37 games. Roommate pitchers Tom Sheehan and John Nabors combined to go 2-37 that year.

The duo had the mound duties in a doubleheader on a muggy day in Boston. Sheehan pitched well in the first game, allowing one run on one hit -- and lost 1-0.

Nabors took a 1-0 lead into the ninth of the second game. But shortstop Whitey Witt committed an error (one of 70 for the season for him). Nabors allowed a walk. Then Harry Hooper singled, and the tying run scored when the outfielder's throw bounced out of the catcher's glove.

With a man on third and one out, Nabors threw the next pitch 20 feet over the batter's head, and the winning run trotted home.

Later, Sheehan asked his roomie about that last pitch.

"Look," Nabors explained, "I knew those guys wouldn't get me another run, and if you think I'm going to throw nine more innings on a hot day like this, you're crazy."

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