Monday, December 22, 2014

A line in the transactions

The sharp-eyed Mike Berardino on Sunday noted a minor league signing by the Twins:

As scoops go, this is not much. Ledezma is three years removed from his last major league appearance. The odds are this will not amount to anything beyond a line in the transactions file. Yes, he's left-handed and breathing, so there's a chance. But he wasn't all that good when he was young and promising, and now he's neither.

This does suggest how hard the dream dies. Three years out of the majors and in his mid 30s, but he's still pitching (last summer in the Mexican League), still hoping to make it big.

Baseball Reference estimates he was paid $2.4 million in his nine seasons (full and partial) in the majors. Odds are there's nothing else he can do that pays anything near the major league minimum. Of course, pitching in the minors doesn't approach the major league minimum either.

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  1. Hughes extension.

    Ryan continues to make baffling decisions.

    It is the same deal as with the Perkins extension. A lot less $ involved but same scenario. The Twins gained very little benefit from it but took on all the risk. They had Perkins locked up at a huge contract win for themselves. All they had to do was let him pitch it out and deal with it at the end. Now they own the risk part of it with his extension. And it should be noted that Perkins is breaking down right before their eyes in 2014. Could not make it through an entire season closing for a non-contending team. Back issues, a barking elbow and the TJ precursor injury, the forearm flexor strain that shut him down. Do they think he can hold up closing games on a contender where much more usage and high pressure innings would be required?

    Hughes had a great 2014 season.

    Let him repeat it, or close to it in 2015 and 2016 and deal with it then. If it costs you Millions it costs you Millions.

    Play the odds.

    Unnecessary risk.

    Terry Ryan is gambling 13.2M in 2017, 2018 and 2019 that Phil Hughes is worth 18-20M a season and he is getting him at a discount and won the contract extension.

    Why not wait?

    39M on the extension guaranteed.

    vs. $30M (or so more added on to the 8M he costs now) if you re-up him 2 years from now IF he is worth it then and Hughes wants to stay in Minnesota.

    Play the odds and let him pitch out the original contract.

    Mind boggling dumb decision today by TR.

    He did not have to be dealt with until the winter of 2016. Think of how long away that is and how much can change.

    I think the better play is to wait.

    He may not be a 13M a year pitcher after 2 seasons.

    He has never had 2 good major league season in a row yet.