Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorting out the infielders

Pedro Florimon is
the front-runner for
the shortstop job.
The Twins position players, with one exception (Delbinson Romero), are all in camp now, and full-team workouts began Saturday.

And the first, if expected, steps were taken to sort out the infield.

Ron Gardenhire said Pedro Florimon will work strictly at shortstop, and Brian Dozier -- who started at short in half the Twins' games last season and didn't play an inning for Minnesota at another position -- will be at second base. Jamey Carroll and Eduardo Escobar will work at both spots and at third base, although Trevor Plouffe will be the starter at third.

As I say, expected. Florimon and Dozier are the two guys the Twins want to see come out of camp with the shortstop and second base jobs. What can get in the way: Neither hit much in the majors last season, although Dozier has hit in the minors; and Dozier hasn't played a lot at second base.

I saw a tweeted report that Tom Kelly was complementary about Dozier's footwork in early infield drills. Kelly's not noted for empty praise, so that's a good sign. A small sign, but a good one.

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