Thursday, February 21, 2013

Links: Morneau and Gardenhire

I'm feeling a mite guilty about such a meatless post this morning, so here are a couple of more chewable items:

1) Jon Morosi provides this piece on Justin Morneau, his health and his future. Nothing ground-breaking here, but a decent overview of his status.

I noted this factual error in it:

Of the 20 Twins to appear in their riveting one-game playoff victory over Detroit for the 2009 AL Central title, only (Joe) Mauer and Morneau are still with the team.
The truth is, Morneau didn't play in that game. He saw his last action that year on Sept. 12, then was found to have a stress fracture in his back. That was really the beginning of his shaky health status.

Justin Morneau,
February 2012
Justin Morneau,
February 2013
Regarding Morneau's health and conditioning status, check out these two mug shots. A little different, aren't they? This year's model's a little beefier, I dare say.

2) Emma Span of Sports on Earth provides this analysis of the managers on one-year deals and their likelihood of getting fired during the season. As she sees it, Ron Gardenhire is on thinner ice than anybody else on a one-year deal. (She may have less esteem for his managerial abilities than I do.)

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