Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Sunday Funnies

Vernon Gomez, a Hall of Fame left-handed pitcher for the Yankees in the 1930s, had two nicknames: Lefty and Goofy.

Stories like this lie behind the Goofy Gomez monicker:

Gomez is in a jam, and the powerful Jimmy Foxx -- who only hit 534 home runs in his own Hall of Fame career -- is up.

Yankees catcher Bill Dickey calls for the fastball; Gomez shakes him off.

Dickey asks for the curve. Gomez shakes him off.

Dickey signals for the change up. Gomez shakes him off.

Dickey runs though the signs again. Gomez shakes them all off.

Dickey calls time, goes to the mound: "What do you want to throw?"

Gomez says: "Nothing. If we wait long enough, maybe he'll give up and leave."

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