Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm hungry. Let's eat.
This is the fourth Thanksgiving for the Baseball Outsider blog, and the fourth time I've used the same photo. Maybe some year I'll change it up.

2012 was the second straight season of 90-plus losses by the team this blog focuses on, and certainly there is a rising sense of impatience among the fans and team. We'd become used to the idea that the Twins were chronic contenders in the AL Central, and having a different reality does not sit well.

But today is a day for gratitude and thanks, and grousing about bad baseball doesn't fit that attitude.

Bad baseball is better than no baseball, and even a last-place team provides some pleasure during the long summer -- and anticipation for the next season during the long winter.

Thanks, dear readers, for visiting the blog.


  1. Ed,

    Your bird looks pretty good, even though it's four years old. Whole turkeys are relatively hard to find here in Japan. Have some dark meat for me.
    Thanks for your blog!

  2. If you've seen one turkey, you've seen them all. True for that picture, but not true for baseball. 2012 was a much more enjoyable season to be a Twins fan than last year, even though they still ended up in last place. It was a different team, and a different attitude. All in all, I'm thankful we have major league baseball in Minnesota!