Friday, November 23, 2012

More on Baseball America's Twins prospects list

Byron Buxton is No. 2 on Baseball America's list
of Twins prospects.
Tuesday wasn't just the day the Twins moved eight minor leaguers to the 40-man roster. It was also the day Baseball America posted its Twins prospect material online.

Plenty of places offer opinions on minor leaguers. Baseball America's advantage is that it has a well-deserved reputation for reflecting the conventional wisdom in the sport. If BA says Daniel Santana is the best shortstop prospect in the Twins system, it's quite likely that the Twins see it that way also.

This Twins list was compiled by John Manuel, BA co-editor. Some highlights from his chat Tuesday (password protected):

  • Manuel is clearly taken by Byron Buxton's talent: Byron Buxton is a total stud. It's hard not to get really, really excited about him. ... Wow was Buxton fun to watch.;
  • Miguel Sano and Buxton might be the best pair of position prospects in the minors;
  • J.O. Berrios, the Twins supplemental rounder, may force his way up the ladder at a faster pace than the Twins would prefer. Manuel:  I think his combination of stuff and polish at his age is pretty exciting.;
  • Manuel says the odds are that Eddie Rosario will wind up back in the outfield. The key, oddly, is how well Rosario hits; the better the bat, the more willing the Twins will be to live with a subpar glove at second.
  • He expects the Twins to be focused on pitchers with the fourth pick in next summer's draft. Buxton was just too good to pass over, he says, but there are no Buxtons in the coming class.

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