Saturday, February 18, 2012

Notes, quotes and comment

It's the law in Illinois: An Illinois appeals court, in the course of upholding a trial court's dismissal of a civil suit filed against the Chicago White Sox for ejecting a fan, ruled (in a footnote) that the Twins are the "arch rival" of the Chicago White Sox.

The relevant text:

Fricano asserts that the Cleveland Indians are “the arch rival” of the Chicago White Sox. While the two teams maintain a healthy rivalry, this court notes that it is generally accepted, at least among informed baseball followers, that the title of arch rival belongs to the reviled Minnesota Twins, to be shared, during inter-league play, with the Chicago Cubs.

I assume that this ruling would be upheld on further appeal, and that a Minnesota court would concur. It should be noted, however, that the ruling specifically says it may not be cited as precedent.

$1,500 for this?
I wonder who a Michigan court would find to be the arch rival of the Tigers. Judging from the Tigers-oriented blogs I keep tabs on, the Twins might qualify there too.

Somebody had too much money: The Kardashian-Humphries ball that the Twins auctioned for their community fund drew a top bid of $1,500.

This is approximately $1,498 too much.

Wakefield calls it quits: Knuckleball artiste Tim Wakefield opted against accepting a minor-league contact with spring training invite from the Boston Red Sox. He announced his retirement on Friday.

So if Jamie Moyer doesn't win a job with the Rockies -- he is on the kind of deal Wakefield declined -- we will be back to not having an active 200-game winner.

R.A. Dickey is now the primary torch-bearer for the flutterball pitch. I have a fondness for knuckleballers, perhaps because it looks like a pitch even I could throw. If it were that easy, of course, there would be more knuckleballers. 

Pitchers and catchers: The Twins batterymen report today, with the first official workout on Sunday. It's a good weekend.


  1. Ed - if that was indeed an official OAL ball, it probably cost $28 to buy one at the park...which might also be too much :)

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