Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OMG, Pujols is in camp

Albert Pujols at his Monday press conference.
Yes, I intend to collect my money.
I've successfully avoided SportsCenter for a few days, so it fell to a co-worker to inform me that ESPN was making a big deal out of Albert Pujols showing up at spring training with his new team.

Pujols reports to spring training. Surprise. It would be a big story if he didn't:

 TEMPE, Ariz — Albert Pujols announced Monday that he was skipping training camp, citing writers' cramp from the exertion of inking his $240 million contract.


Pujols has been a great player, and he's probably still got some mileage on his tires, but I fully expect the Anaheims to regret the contract before it's all over. The total exceeds what Artie Moreno paid for the franchise by some $50 million.

It's frequently discombobulating to see a great player with a different team, but in this case the visual shock may not be so great. The Angels and the Cardinals both rely on a bright red as their primary color.

Pujols in Yankees pinstripes, that would be a jolt to see.

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  1. Just wait 3 or 4 years until the trade between the Angels and Yanks to see him wearing the pinstripes...