Sunday, January 22, 2012

More from BA on Twins prospects

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Deolis Guerra.
Baseball America followed up its Top 10 Twins prospects list with a chat on Friday for subscribers.

A few highlights from John Manuel, the BA co-editor who does the Twins list:

  • Alex Wimmers' control problems last spring were rooted in a lack of conditioning. Another high draft pick whose conditioning is an issue is Hudson Boyd, who weighed nearly 280 pounds when he arrived at instructionals. He's supposedly back under 250 now.
  • Manuel last year thought the Twins should give up on Deolis Guerra. Now he sees Guerra as just shy of Top 10 status and expects Guerra to pitch in the Twins bullpen this year. 
  • If Guerra's stock is up, Jorge Polanco and Angel Morales are down.
  • Manuel defends the Twins on their shortage of power arms. The Twins have drafted power arms, he notes, but they've gotten hurt or haven't developed. 
  • Manuel is much higher on Joe Benson than on Ben Revere. 
  • David Bromberg is not in BA's Top 30 Twins prospects.
  • Travis Harrison, drafted as a third baseman, is likely to wind up at first base. Manuel thinks Miguel Sano can stick at third.
  • Manuel expects shortstop Niko Goodrum to repeat in the Appy League. 

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  1. Manual has not been very good at predicting Twins prospects. He gave up on Span, Plouffe and Perkins. He rated Blackburn the Twins top prospect ahead of all three of them. As well as ahead of Revere, Duensing and Ramos.

    Benson is one of those guys Baseball America always overrates. They see his athleticism and ignore his fatal flaw, he doesn't make contact very often.