Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday Funnies

Tom Sheehan had a relatively brief major league career as a pitcher, but a long one in professional ball -- 65 years all told as player, manager, coach and scout. And as a storyteller.

One of his tales, from his extensive minor league days: He's trying to finish up a game in the twilight in a park with no lights. The opposition had men on base and a top slugger up, and Sheehan is weary, but it's getting dim.

He throws strike one -- and holds his position in front of the mound when he takes the catcher's throw. He pitches from the same spot; strike two. Again he holds his ground, so he's now two strides in front of the rubber, and nobody notices in the dim. He throws his best fastball past the swinging bat, strike three, game over.

The hitter says to him: "You sure had something on that last pitch."

And Sheehan replies: "Yeah, and if I had to throw another, I'd have hit you in the eye with my fist."

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