Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Sunday Funnies

 Here's one from Babe Pinelli, who umped in the National League for 22 years and called balls and strikes during Don Larsen's World Series perfect game:


With none out, the Cardinals had Cotten Pippen on second and Terry Moore on first. Art Garibaldi banged a sure triple off the right-field wall. From second, Pippen raced around third. But he heard third base coach Miguel Gonzalez (the man who coined the phrase "good field, no hit") yelling and saw him waving his arms, thought he was being told to retreat, and headed back to third -- where he got tagged. Moore, on his was to third, stopped, tried to get to second, and got tagged out in a rundown. Garibaldi's triple turned into a mere single.

And Gonzalez's explanation, according to Pinelli: "I don' say 'stop.' I say, 'Don' bother to stop.' Don' nobody know no heengleesh?"

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