Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series late night: St. Louis 10, Texas 9, 11 innings

David Freese might remember this
game for a while: A costly dropped
popup early, a game-tying triple in
the ninth, a game-winning homer
in the eleventh.
Game story here.

Box score here.

Quite the game. Quite the spectacular game.

Twice the Rangers were one strike away from wrapping up the World Series. Twice they let it slip away.

Slip away is an appropriate term, given the number of errors involved. It wasn't a cleanly played game, but it was a great game.

This is becoming one of the great World Series. Every game has been notable — tight pitchers duels interspersed with see-saw slugfests (like this one).

And now, I assume, tonight Chris Carpenter gets the ball for St. Louis. I suspect this will be his Jack Morris moment — a top-flight veteran pitcher taking the hill for a Game Seven. I remember Morris, after the Puckett Game in 1991, answering a reporter's question with: "In the words of the late great Marvin Gaye, 'Let's get it on.'"

On paper, the Cardinals have the edge tonight, because they have the best starting pitcher. But again, that assessment hinges on Carpenter being the man, and coming into Thursday's game Tony LaRussa was listing Kyle Lohse as the starter for Game Seven.

LaRussa was still being coy in the immediate aftermath of Game Six, but really — Carpenter or Lohse? It doesn't look that difficult a choice. Of course, LaRussa has been known to overthink things.

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  1. "It wasn't a cleanly played game, but it was a great game."

    The best description of the game I've seen.

    Keep up the good work.