Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No baseball here today

There were posts Sunday and Monday because I worked ahead on them so that I could devote those days to my father's funeral (which was Monday) and the family gatherings/obligations that came with it. I haven't anything to say today.

Well, that's not completely true. I think I have thoughts about the Cubs-Red Sox squabbles over Theo Epstein's services. I think I have thoughts about Tony LaRussa's pitching changes in the NLCS. What I don't have are thought-out thoughts, or the time to think up thought-out thoughts.

In a few minutes, as I write this, I'll be headed to my mother's place to start helping with thank-you notes. And I plan to ask her about something one of my dad's former colleagues told me before the funeral -- that Dad was an an all-city football player in high school (St. Paul Murray).

He may be dead, but there are still things for me to learn about the man.

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