Saturday, October 8, 2011

A monstrosity in Miami

Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Florida/Miami Marlins, made his money as an art dealer, so, theoretically, he is a man of wealth and taste.

Wealth, I'm still willing to grant. Taste is becoming another thing. There should be no sympathy for this devil.

The team is getting a new stadium in downtown Miami, at the site of the Orange Bowl, and part of the deal is that the Marlins will ditch the Florida name for that of its city. Which, of course, makes their original logo — a capital F intertwined with a realistic marlin — obsolete.

What they're apparently replacing it with is ... a mess:

The official unveiling of the new logo is to come next month, and maybe they'll wise up enough to ditch the rainbow effect before then. The basic look, however -- the simple M and a stylized marlin -- is part of the seating, in white.

But even the gaudy color scheme of the leaked logo isn't the worst. Check out their planned home run sculpture:

This ... thing ... is to rise up and dance when Miami hits a homer. To which I say: Hooray for the bunt.

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  1. The logo is awfully bland and childlike. It just doesn't have much class, like most other MLB logos do. They really need to rework it. The sculpture is simply weird.

    But why do they need a new stadium so soon? Oh, I suppose theirs was a general-purpose stadium like the Metrodome that was designed for football and converted for baseball, with all the poor sight-lines and so on. If that's the case, then I guess I can see it.