Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing the lineups

As my Minnesota readers are well aware, we're having really miserable heat/humidity this week, with a heat index forecast today around 115 in the metro area. Really brutal conditions for a doubleheader.

There's no way to justify having Joe Mauer catch both games. I can't imagine Jim Thome playing both games. The shift to 13 pitchers for today means a short bench. Cleveland has a lefty starting the afternoon game, a righty the evening one. I expect every position player to start at least once today.

Let's guess the lineups:

Game 1 (vs David Huff)

1) Revere CF
2) Plouffe SS
3) Mauer DH
4) Cuddyer 1B
5) Valencia 3B
6) Young LF
7) Hughes 2B
8) Repko RF
9) Butera C

Game 2 (vs Fausto Carmona)

1) Revere CF
2) Casilla 2B
3) Mauer C
4) Cuddyer 1B
5) Thome DH
6) Valencia 3B
7) Young LF
8) Plouffe RF
9) Nishioka SS

That maximizes the righties against Huff.

UPDATE: The Twins have a completely different approach to Game One,  based on stats that show lefties hit Huff better than righties. Plouffe, Repko and Hughes are not in the lineup, and Mauer's at first base.

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