Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid afternoon commentary

One of the most common suggestion to fix the All-Star Game (fix as in repair, not as in rig the outcome) is to lengthen the break to four days.

Thing is, that would give us another day without meaningful games, which means there would be another day in which the main topic of baseball conversation would be how to fix the All-StarGame.


New trend: I have received two emails this year, proportedly/implictly from the fathers of Twins players, defending their young'uns from criticism, be it mine or others. My favorite line: "(The player) has never let me down."

I find this odd, pleading the merits of one's son to a small town columnist/blogger as if he had any real influence on the Twins decision makers. If the player in question is capable of succeeding in the majors, it will happen with or without my say-so. 


Here's a well-reasoned piece from John Bonnes on why Michael Cuddyer will be back with the Twins in 2012. Of course, the piece assumes that (a) Cuddyer will be a Type A free agent after the season and (b) that the Twins either stay in the race the rest of the way or are underwhelmed by trade offers.

Trying to read the future for Cuddyer with the Twins, I think, requires reading the future for Jason Kubel and Delmon Young as well. And that's grist for a future print column.  

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  1. According to the reverse engineered free agent rankings at mlbtraderumors, Cuddyer is firmly in the type A category. My guess is only a season ending injury could knock him out of type A status.