Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pic(s) of the Week

A sign of respect for
Derek Jeter.
A pretty big week for Derek Jeter, big enough to justify two Pics of the Week.

Jeter started the week in Double A on a rehab assignment; he ended it having one of the highlight days of his  brilliant career, going 5-for-5 and hitting a homer for his 3,000th hit. And true to his reputation as a clutch player, his homer tied the game; his fifth hit drove in the winning run.

This has not been a great season for Jeter; a snarky commenter on one blog I frequent congratulated him on his second good game of the season. But Saturday was certainly a day that added to his legend.

And getting his 3,000th hit ends what has probably been the most overhyped milestone march since Cal Ripken's consecutive game streak.

Derek Jeter on a rehab assignment last weekend
with the Trenton Thunder, the Yankees' affiliate
in the Double-A Eastern League.
Two things grabbed me about this shot:

1) The ridiculous star-spangled jersey the Thunder made their players wear for the holiday weekend.

2) The Plastic-Man stretch of his glove arm. It just doesn't look like a match for his throwing arm, does it.


  1. is anyone besides Kyle Gibson going to represent the twins at the futures game?

  2. Liam Hendricks is on the World team.