Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pic of the Week

Glenallen Hill, the Rockies' first base coach, awaits play
in Denver's Coors Field.
I chose this one purely for the light and shadow. It has a definite painting-like quality.

Glenallen Hill's a coach now? As a player, he seemed to be without nuance. I remember him as a big slugging outfielder who pulled (or tried to pull) every pitch he swung at, didn't run that well and had poor strike zone judgment. He played for seven teams in 13 seasons in the majors and qualified for the batting title once.

That's a simplistic evaluation of him, colored no doubt by his later years.  He was mobile enough in the mid 1990s to play some center field and to have consecutive seasons of 19 and 25 stolen bases.

He was probably more a student of the game than I realized.

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