Thursday, June 23, 2011

Late night: Giants 5, Twins 1

Bobble, bobble, boot and trouble: Cody Ross is safe
at second base as Alexi Casilla fails to catch a throw
from Tsuyoshi Nishioka.
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The sloppiness returned, at least for one game.

The Twins infielders committed three errors, two of which created unearned runs — and that understates the damage done.

In the second inning, with one on and one out, Brandon Crawford — the former Mankato MoonDog -- hit what appeared to be a double play ball to Tsuyoshi Nishioka. But Alexi Casilla dropped Nishioka's flip, and instead of being out of the inning, Nick Blackburn had two on with one out — and promptly surrendered a triple.

The scoring rules being what they are, only one run was unearned (the rules say you can't assume the double play). But really, neither should have scored.

Then in the eighth inning, Nishioka (who had played a fine game in the field to that point) bobbled a slow grounder with two out and a man on third. That error created an unearned run charged to Jim Hoey. It also makes three errors charged to Nishioka in six games at shortstop.

Even if we could wipe all three runs off the ledger, the offense mustered only one run itself, and that came on what was originally scored as an error. (The ruling appears to have been changed after the game.)

So the winning streak ends. And the three teams ahead of the Twins (Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago) in the AL Central all won. Not a good night for the Twins.

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