Monday, June 6, 2011

Feeling the draft

Sean Gilmartin is
projected by Baseball
America's Jim Callis
to be picked by the Twins
in tonight's first round.
The annual baseball draft begins today. Because the Twins won 94 games last season -- yes, they did, you can look it up -- and because there are some bonus first round picks awarded to teams that failed to sign first-round selections last summer, the Twins pick 30th in tonight's first round.

It's pretty much impossible to forecast the draft accurately that deep, but I'll give you a name anyway: Sean Gilmartin, left-handed pitcher, Florida State University. If he's available with the 30th pick, the Twins will take him.

The Twins in recent years have generally used their first-round pick(s) on college pitchers (Kyle Gibson, Alex Wimmers) or high-school outfielders (Aaron Hicks, Ben Revere). In the pitching department, they favor the arms with quality command and change ups already built in. Gilmartin fits that description. Plus he's left-handed, which is a definite plus. He's got a chance to last until 30 because he doesn't have overpowering velocity.

He would not be a "need" pick. The Twins farm system needs, more than anything, quality middle infielders. But the shortstops who deserve to be first-rounders will be long gone before the Twins pick, and amateur second baseman are risky (guys who wind up at second base in the majors are almost always shortstops in high school or college). And there's always room in any system for another quality arm.

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