Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A change of the guard on Sunday Night Baseball

Joe Morgan: Great player,
less than great broadcaster
Jon Miller: Please, may
we have more?
ESPN has dumped Jon Miller and Joe Morgan from their Sunday Night Baseball booth.

Morgan I won't miss; as with most players-turned-analysts (and yes, the Twins broadcasters, TV and radio both, are included in this), he makes the mute button a blessing.

Miller, on the other hand, was and remains an excellent play-by-play man.

He should have been kept — under the Vin Scully Rule. Scully does his innings for the Dodgers solo. No second (or third) voice to get in the way.

That's not the current style in the broadcast world, be it ESPN, Fox, CBS or NBC. They all seem afraid that one person will bore us. They haven't figured out that (1) less is more and (2) pointless blather is what bores us.

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  1. Just be glad they aren't signing Rick Sutcliffe. I had to endure his banal comments during the international broadcast of the series. Painful.