Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Talking pitchers

My evaluation right now: Kevin Slowey did enough Tuesday to stay in the Twins rotation. He displayed better command than he has, he struck out seven men in his 5.2 innings, and two of the three runs charged against him scored after he left the game. He wasn't great, but greatness isn't the criteria.

So I say: Blackburn out of the rotation, Slowey and Baker stay in.

Of course, I have a higher regard for the value of strikeouts for a pitcher than the Twins organization does.


Jon Rauch was deem unavailable after taking a comebacker on the ankle, and when Jesse Crain warmed up in the sixth, Dick Bremer started speculating on who would be called on in a save situation.

Crain has been the most effective of the bullpenners this month, and on that basis I was happy to see him get the call in the sixth-inning game situation (bases loaded, two out). It didn't work, but that was the time to use the best reliever you've got.

But the notion floated by Bremer that Anthony Slama, who arrived in the Twin Cities during the game, might be the closer du jour was bizarre. Matt Guerrier would have gotten the ninth.

Of course, before that happened, Jose Mijares would have had to handle the eighth, and that didn't happen either.

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