Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dazed and confused

Saturday's announcement that Justin Morneau will skip the All-Star Game because of his concussion is correct, proper and wise.

Of course, if Torii Hunter were still around, he'd be implying that Morneau is being a wimp.

Morneau's withdrawal makes Miguel Cabrera the All-Star starter for the AL, and that might have been justifiable even if Morneau were healthy.

Dick-n-Bert have spent about a month hyping the "need" to vote often for Morneau; a few days after the announcement that Morneau won the fan voting, they agreed that Cabrera is the current front-runner for the MVP award.

Let's see ... Cabrera's the league's MVP, and he's a first baseman, but somebody else should start the All-Star Game at first base ...

Morneau's not the only one with a headache.

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