Friday, July 9, 2010

AP: Cliff Lee traded to Rangers

Texas has apparently won the Cliff Lee sweepstakes with a package headed by Justin Smoak, a highly regarded first baseman, and three minor leaguers.

Smoak's been in the majors for much of this season and hasn't hit much, but Baseball America had him as the 13th best prospect in baseball entering the season, which is considerably higher than they ranked Wilson Ramos. I can't tell you much offhand about the other three prospects, but Smoak's inclusion makes it a pretty rich package for a half-season rental.

At this point the Twins have to demonstrate that the players on hand are capable of contending.


  1. Lee wouldn't help much for a team that looks like it's going to be swept going into the all-star break. Electro-shock therapy might be more in order.

  2. The Twins HAVE the talent to win. Gardy needs to kick some butt and wake them up. No reason to be behind Detroit or Chicago.

  3. The Twins should fire Gardy and hire KTOE legend Dan McCargar to manage the team