Thursday, September 26, 2019

Magic number: zero

Back in late March, during the opening weekend of the season, I made a $20 wager with a colleague in the Free Press newsroom about the Central Division title. I took the Twins, he took the field.

Time to collect.

If I understood back then the quality of this Twins team -- and the terms of that wager suggest I did -- I certainly did not understand some aspects of that. I would not have imagined then that on the day the Twins clinched that Randy Dobnak would be the winning pitcher and and Luis Arraez would hit the go-ahead home run.

I still want at least two more regular season wins from this bunch. Two more gets them to 100. Four would tie the franchise record. They can't beat the 1965 Twins and 102, but they could match it.

1 comment:

  1. If they play like they did in the final game against the Tigers, they just might sweep the Royals. They're playing just for fun now, so no pressure, and that might just do the trick.