Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Magic number: Seven

There were no witnesses, and you can believe me or not, but I called the Ronald Torreyes hit-by-pitch that capped off the Twins three-run bottom of the 12th.

The sports crew had left, the press had started running, and I was just hanging around to see the end of the inning, and after the second pitch of the at-bat, I said at the newsroom TV: Go ahead and get hit.

And the next pitch hit his right forearm. Game over.

So the magic number is down to seven. Seven is also how many wins the Twins need to get to 100 for the season, and I really want to see then get that milestone. This is a charter franchise in the American League, even if it is on its second location, and in its entire history it's had one 100-win season, 1965.

I expect they'll get there. They have 11 games left, and the 10 after today's finale against the White Sox -- not a good team -- are all against the Tigers and Royals, who are even worse. Even if the Twins spend half of that span pitching the likes of Kohl Stewart and Lewis Thorpe, even resting Max Kepler and C.J. Cron and Nelson Cruz in hopes of full health for the playoffs, they are sufficiently better than those two teams to get to 100.

So go ahead, Cleveland; you can keep winning games and drag out the inevitable. It will just make the Twins win more games.

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