Thursday, June 13, 2019

In pursuit of 100

The Twins committed five errors Wednesday night. Four of the runs allowed by Minnesota were unearned. So, yeah, they lost that game more than the Mariners won it.

And in terms of the standings, it doesn't matter. Cleveland lost, and the Twins still have a double-digit lead in the AL Central. 

On another level, it stings. I've already accepted that the Twins will win this divisional title. That's a given, even if the magic number is a lofty 86 -- darn low for mid June, to be sure, but indictative of how much of the season remains. 

What's of interest to me at this point is the pursuit of history. The Twins have been in Minnesota since 1961. They have exactly one season of 100 wins (1965). I have no real memory of that season. 

I have seen the Twins win two World Series, four divisional titles in the old AL West and six divsonal titles in the current AL Central. I've seen them play two Game 163 to break a tie in the standings and I've seen them win a wild-card berth. I haven't seen a 100-win team. 

I want to. And Wednesday night didn't help that cause.

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