Thursday, March 7, 2019

Serving Vegas first

A disturbing tweet Wednesday afternoon from Peter Gammons:

I dare say that every commissioner prior to Rob Manfred would have suspended any manager who gave the oddsmakers advance notice of their plans. And now the commissioners office itself intends to do just that? 

Nothing in that tweet truly makes sense, but there is a sentence, or more accurately part of a sentence, that goes to a different level of nonsense. "It's OK to not field (t)he best team, for service time reasons ..." Service time relates to days on the active roster, not at-bats or innings or any other measure of playing time. If Byron Buxton is on the active roster, it's service time whether he starts in center, pinch runs in the eighth or spends the day on the bench. 

I've seen nothing else about this anywhere else so far, and I'm hoping that Gammons got it wrong, or alternately that this is a trial balloon that will be quickly popped.

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