Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Contemplating Tim Collins

When I composed Monday's post on the Twins bullpen, I left out the non-roster invitees, mainly because I didn't view any of them as genuine candidates for the roster.

Then I saw Tim Collins's outing on the FSN rebroadcast. He looked good.

Collins is a little lefty, smaller than Dick Bremer and Dan Gladden apparently realize. Dick said Collins is 5-10. Baseball Reference lists him at 5-7, and considering the liklihood of height inflation, he may be shorter than that. But he has a good fast ball and a better curve than I had realized.

Collins had 38 games in the majors last year with Washington, and a sour final outing (three runs without retiring a hitter) really wrecked his ERA (it went from 3.18 to 4.37). It was still a successful year for him, because he made it back to the majors after missing two full seasons with Tommy John surgery.

I'd put him in the "Is there room?" category. He certainly isn't making the roster ahead of Taylor Rogers, and I doubt the Twins are eager to expose Aldaberto Mejia to waivers. But I can see them deciding to take Collins north ahead of Gabriel Moya, especially if Collins has an early opt-out clause.

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