Friday, January 4, 2019

Contemplating Aaron Slegers

I interrupt my position-by-position preview of the Twins presumptive lineup to note that they opened the roster space to add Nelson Cruz by designating pitcher Aaron Slegers for assignment.

I'm not particularly entralled with lopping Slegers, which isn't to claim that he's destined for stardom. He was their minor league pitcher of the yer in 2017 but wasn't as effective -- or healthy -- in 2018. It's quite likely that I have a higher opinion of his abilities than the evidence will support.

Still, I think he's got more to offer than, say, Chase De Jong, who remains on the 40-man roster. The organization clearly doesn't agree.

Slegers was brought into the organization under the old regime; De Jong was added by the current regime. That is the kind of thing that can make a difference. The decision makers had no emotional investment in Slegers. They do in De Jong.

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