Saturday, August 4, 2018

Two why-bother wavier claims

Oliver Drake will, apparently, be put on the 25-man roster today. The Twins will be the FIFTH major league team he's pitched for in 2018. That's ... a lot for one season. (Addendum: When he actually plays for the Twins, he will apparently be the first to play for five teams in one season.)

He drags an 8.59 ERA to Minnesota, which I guess is why so many teams have decided they can do without him. I expect the Twins will decide the same this winter if not sooner.

Who will go to make room for him is unknown. My choice would be Matt Belisle, but it's pretty clear the Twins brain trust thinks more highly of him than I do.

Johnny Field is an infielder who got 179 plate appearances with Tampa Bay before being DFA'd. The Twins are assigning him to Rochester. 

Their additions refill the 40-man roster. As far as i can tell, they could just as well have left the slots open.

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