Monday, August 6, 2018

Contemplating Fernando Rodney

Sunday was another Fernando Rodney Experience save. He allowed three base runners but escaped unscathed.

I did not greet last winter's signing of Rodney with enthusiasm. I coped in part by surmising that this ancient wonder of the bullpen world was going to serve as a place holder for a younger closer who was yet to emerge from a field of candidates.

It's August, and that younger closer has yet to show himself. The Twins have used 19 relief pitchers (not counting moonlighting starters or position players), and Rodney has the lowest ERA of the lot.

I have resigned myself to the liklihood that the Twins will pick up Rodney's option ($4.25 million for 2019 or a $250,000 buyout). He'll be back for another round as closer next season.

I don't think that's ideal, but none of the young power arms has forced his way into the Twins thinking. Of course, none have been given a genuine opportunity to hang around for more than a couple days at a time.

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