Thursday, July 5, 2018

Turn the page. Please

If there was any question about the fate of the 2018 Twins, it was sealed on this just-completed misbegotten road trip (White Sox, Cubs, Brewers, one win in the nine games).

A goodly percentage of the final scores were competitive. The Twins too often didn't appear competitive.

My Twitter feed seems convinced that Paul Molitor's tenure as manager is pretty much over. I'm skeptical of that conclusion; it doesn't seem likely that Falvine would go from granting the skipper a three-year extension to dropping the ax in half a season.

And as for the cliche that you can't fire the players -- well, yes you can. That is, in a very real sense, what the trade deadline is for. I doubt that Molitor is a dead manager walking, but I have no doubt that a bunch of the veterans will be wearing different uniforms in short order.

And I am realistic about this. Lance Lynn has not had a good season by any measure. Jake Odorizzi has been less than I expected. As a fan, I'm quite willing to see both traded this month and their rotation spots taken by somebody from the Fernando Romero-Aaron Slegers-Zach Littell-Stephen Gonsalves etc. collection in the farm system.

But the upside to Slegers is that he might become Odorizzi. The upside to Romero is that he might become Lynn. Neither is to that level yet or maybe ever.

But I'm willing to find out. Yes, I am too frequently fascinated by bright shiny objects. But I am also frustrated by the failure of the proven veterans. Failure by the youngsters might at least be interesting.

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