Thursday, July 26, 2018

Santana's return

It wasn't a stellar line score for Ervin Santana on Wednesday on his first major league start of the season: Five innings, seven hits, three runs allowed. Not close to a "quality start."

But not that bad, either. The veteran walked one hitter (and hit one) and struck out five. Granted, Toronto isn't a great lineup these days, but Santana's velocity was in the low 90s and he threw strikes with 60 of his 97 pitches.

I'll take that for his first game back after finger surgery. There's a genuine possiblity that he'll get better as he gts more action.

I do expect the Twins to trade at least one of their two free-agent-to-be starters in the coming week. Lance Lynn has had a rough time of it in the American League, and Santana is in a sense still rehabbing his finger. I don't expect a robust market for either, particularly among the American League powers, but there's no shortage of  National League contenders who could stand to deepen their rotations.

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