Monday, April 16, 2018

Notes, quotes and comment

The Twins promoted relief pitcher Alan Busenitz during the weekend snowouts to take the roster spot vacated with Ryan LaMarre's demotion.

This would make more sense to me if the Twins bullpen was overworked and weary. But they haven't played for three days now and won't play today either.

Two possible rationales to going to 13 pitchers:

  • Addison Reed's illness (reported earlier last week as strep throat) is persisting;
  • The lack of consistent games to play is setting back the starters' ability to go deep into games.


Jay Jaffe, whose work analysizing Hall of Fame credentials has become quite influential among the voters, wrote this Fangraphs piece on the implications of 2,000 hits for Joe Mauer.


Speaking of Mauer and 2,000 hits:

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