Saturday, April 14, 2018

Demoting Ryan LaMarre

Ryan LaMarre, optioned to Triple A Rochester soon after Friday's game was postponed, has had an odd eight at-bats this season.

He has four singles, and he has four strikeouts. His BABIP -- Batting Average on Balls In Play -- is 1.000. File that under "samll sample size oddities" and forget it as insignificant.

The demotion itself may not be highly significant either. Nobody expects the Twins to play today, and Sunday may not be very hospitable for baseball either. They're off Monday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday they play Cleveland in Puerto Rico, and apparently both teams get to have 26-man rosters for that tw-game series. So it's quite likely that LaMarre will be reinstated for the Puerto Rico games, and won't actually miss any games for this demotion.

The Twins didn't make a corresponding move Friday with the outfielder's demotion. So why do it at all? One thought is that Addison Reed, who was said to have strep throat earlier in the week, was ailing again Friday, and LaMarre's roster spot is likely to go to a healthy reliever should Sunday's game be played.

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