Saturday, December 9, 2017

Notes, quotes and comment

A few interesting developments Friday involving the Twins:

I won't pretend to know how exactly Kalk will affect the Twins pitching, but his addition certainly emphasizes the analytic bent of the new front office. 

Apparently one of his pet projects with the Rays was trying to discern when a pitcher is about to get injured. Every team would like to crack that code.


Severino is am 18-year-old second baseman who was one of the international prospects declared free agents by MLB in the Atlanta scandal. He's said to have big power potential. The Twins gave him a bigger bonus than the Braves did in the original signing. He's a switch hitter. 

The $2.5 million is more than the Twins have left in their bonus pool after treading chunks of it to Seattle and Anaheim, so presumably they are dipping into their 2018 pool.


Jake Mauer, who I had come to regard as the best managerial prospect in the Twins organization, will not be running any of their farm teams next year. 

Tommy Watkins has been named manager of Double A Chattanooga (Mauer's post last year), and Toby Gardenhire will be the manager in low A Cedar Rapids (Watkins' job last year). Still open are high A Fort Myers (Doug Mientkiewicz, fired) and Triple A Rochester (Mike Quade, reassigned). 

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