Saturday, December 30, 2017

A bit more on Sano

I don't wish -- or intend -- to dwell on the Miguel Sano situation. But I thought I'd post links to these two more in-depth pieces on it, in large part because they contain more insight than I do on Sano's behavior with women.

This is Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports:

Getting in trouble for (the pursuit of women) “was only a matter of time,” said one person familiar with Sano, whom he called “a ticking time bomb.”
OK, unnamed sources. As a professional journalist, this makes me a bit uncomfortable. (In contrast, the Washington Post's expose on Roy Moore used named sources, on-the record quotes and collaborating details.) But Passan's a pro himself, and I think highly of his work.

Brandon Warne in the ZoneCoverage site passes on an illuminating story from a fan about Sano's time with the Chattanooga Lookouts. According to him, the team's female ushers were kept away from the Lookouts dugout area specifically because Sano badgered them so much. As Warne says, this ancedote doesn't address the Bissen claims directly, but in my mind it adds to the credibility of her statement.

Both pieces are worth your time.

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