Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Off day Twins news

LaVelle Neal reported Monday that Joe Vavra is leaving the Twins to join Ron Gardenhire's coaching staff in Detroit.

Vavra has held a variety of coaching positions over the years with the Twins. He started as the hitting coach, then in various years was the third base coach, the first base coach and most recently bench coach.

Neal also reports that Rick Anderson will be on Gardy's staff as well -- as bullpen coach. Chris Bosio, who had been the Cubs pitching coach, will be the Tigers' PC. That figures to be an interesting dynamic.

So that's two of Gardy's gang rejoining him in Detroit. Will Scott Ullger be next?

The Twins now have a coaching post to fill.


The Fielding Bible Awards are a relatively recent alternative to the Gold Glove Awards. While lacking the tradition and reputation of the Gold Gloves, the Fielding Bible has some significant advantages -- a transparent voting system, one award per position for all of MLB, and a built-in role for defensive metrics.

This year's award winners were announced Monday by Baseball Info Systems, which runs the voting process.  Byron Buxton was a near unanimous winner in centerfield (he drew one second place vote). He is the first Twin to win a FB award.

The announcement is here. Details of the voting will be published in the annual Bill James Handbook, due out later this week

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