Thursday, October 19, 2017

Goodbye, Perkins (maybe)

Dept. of non-news news:

We certainly knew necessary formality was coming.

Perkins will officially be a free agent this winter, but according to Bollinger, the Minnesota native and resident will either retire or return to the Twins on a minor league deal.

As said here frequently, I will never criticize a player for trying to play too long. Perkins will turn 35 during spring training; he has the rest of his life to brew beer and fish and do all the other things he does in his non-baseball time, but his baseball time is use or lose. I doubt Perkins' rebuilt shoulder is up to the task of pitching in the majors, and I'm pretty sure he's not really interested in spending next summer in Rochester, New York. On the other hand, Jacque Jones spent the summer of 2010 doing just that in hopes of returning to the Show.

In my view of these things, it up to management to make the call. And management may not wish to make that call yet. A minor-league deal for Perkins would be a very low-risk flier.

What I would prefer -- and I view it as unlikely -- is Perkins with a role in the broadcasts, radio or television, the more prominent the better. A recent player who buys into the metrics and analytics and can explain to the audience how teams and players employ the wealth of new information flowing into the game? Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes.

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