Thursday, September 21, 2017

Notes, quotes and comment

The big story out of the Twins-Yankees game Friday afternoon wasn't the outcome but the little girl who got hit by a line-drive foul.

The Yankees have not -- yet -- extended screens down the foul lines. I suspect this incident will change that.

The Twins took some grief when they put up screens the length of the dugouts. I'm glad they did that; the dugout seats in Target Field are very close to the playing field, and that increases the risk.

The ball Todd Frazier hit was timed at 106 mph. No kid, and darn few adults, could react fast enough to that.


Lost in translation:

Among the responses:


This tweet references the San Juan stadium where the Montreal Expos played some "home" games years ago and, I believe, where the Twins and Indians are supposed to play a pair of regular season games next April:

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