Saturday, September 9, 2017

Notes, quotes and comment

This American League wild card scrum is starting to sort itself out a bit in the Twins favor. The Twins this morning are closer to the first wild card berth than the second (1.5 games behind the Yankees, 2 games ahead of the Angels).

I'd rather see the Twins in the first slot for three reasons:

  • the wild card game would be at Target Field;
  • they'd have more room for error;
  • it would be more likely that the Twins would make it and the Yankees miss. (Baseball is always better when the Yankees lose.)

Not that I would throw away the second slot. The wild card remains a reward for mediocrity, but it's embedded in the system.


Two weeks ago the Dodgers had a chance at a truly historic season. Their chance at the single-season wins record is now mathematically gone. They still have a 10-game lead on the division, they still have the best record in baseball, but the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners (116 wins) are safe.

Of course, the Cubs lost the World Series (to the White Sox, no less) and the Mariners didn't even get to the Series.


As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, my personal thoughts are on Fort Myers and the Twins complex there. That area is what I have experienced of Florida.

My wife and I have established a pattern of going to the Fort for a few days of spring training every other year. That would be next year.

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