Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The new guys

Derek Falvey (left) and Thad Levine during Monday's
introductory press conference.

So what did we learn from Monday's "meet the new boss(es)" presser?

Various forms of "collaborate" are among Derek Falvey's favorite buzzwords -- and he's got an impressive set of buzzwords that he sprinkled into practically every response.

Thad Levine has a knack for well-placed wisecracks, be they ad-libbed or rehearsed.

And, perhaps most significant, they're here to hire, not necessarily to fire,

Falvey intends to beef up not only the Twins relatively paultry in-house analytics department but also their strength-and-conditioning and nutrition programs. He and Levine said that one of the things that made the Twins an attractive opportunity is that the organization has some many long-term employees.

The idea, boiled down: Falvey and Levine plan an organization that collects ideas from everybody and reaches "evidence-based decisions". This will involve a greater use of analytics than under Terry Ryan.

And those who can make the change are, basically, welcome to stay. Falvey and Levine made it explicit about Rob Antony, assistant general manager under Ryan and acting GM after Ryan was bounced in July; they want him to stay as assistant GM. Presumably the same is true for Mike Radcliffe and Deron Johnson, the director of player personnel and scouting director respectively. They're interested in retaining Ryan as an advisor.


“What we’re going to do is introduce a vision and give everyone the opportunity to get on the bus. We’re going to build out and go that way, then see who’s aligned with that vision.”
Meanwhile, a little roster news:

Falvey, Levine and Antony were to fly out to Arizona Monday for the general managers meeting; during that time, the two newbies will confer with Antony about the roster and the coaching staff, with some decisions about the coaches expected before week's end.

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  1. I like what I hear.

    Any change that can embrace the good things of the past, including retaining competent people who have been loyal to the organization, and infusing better tools and methods is very positive.

    (I am not speaking of retaining passengers.)