Thursday, November 3, 2016

On to the offseason

Meeting at the mound.
A World Series Game Seven. Extra innings in Game Seven. A rain delay in extra innings of Game Seven.

Until the final out was actually recorded, I half-believed that the game was going to continue, and continue, and continue, that the kids who were put to bed hours earlier would get up to find the Cubs and Indians still locked in this stuggle.

And then Michael Martinez, probably the weakest hitter (excluding pitchers) on either roster, hit a weak grounder to third, and it was over.

It was an outstanding World Series. It was a great Game Seven. And we're going to get throughly sick of the Chicago Cubs in a few years. They're the new shiny thing now, but -- unlike, say, the 2015 Royals -- they're built for years and have the resources to keep it that way.

And now the Twins can get Derek Falvey officially on board, and get going with their offseason.

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