Saturday, October 29, 2016

Five shutouts in 11 games

This is really quite impressive.

The Cleveland Indians swept the divisional series in three games, with a shutout in Game Two.

They took the league championship series in five games, with shutouts in Games One and Five.

And now they've shut out the Cubs twice in three games of the World Series.

That's 11 games of postseason play, and five shutouts -- with, really, two healthy starters (Corey Kluber and Josh Tomlin). And this against three imposing lineups (Red Sox, Blue Jays and Cubs).

It's impossible to know how much of a factor Derek Falvey, the Twins incoming director of baseball operations, is in that, but pitching -- planning, evaluation, conditioning -- is supposedly a big part of what he does for the Indians.

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  1. I realized watching game #1 that, despite rooting for the Cubs all summer and through the NL PS, I'm totally rooting for the Indians. My AL-Central allegiance comes through!