Monday, October 31, 2016

Back to Cleveland

So the Series returns to Cleveland, where

  • the Indians have last ups 
  • the Indians have still a 3-2 lead
  • the Cubs have Jake Arrieta ready to go for Game 6
  • the Indians will have Andrew Miller rested and ready.

I've been underestimating the Indians all postseason. I keep getting hung up on their thin starting pitching. But depth doesn't matter nearly as much in October as in the regular season, and it matters even less in November. Josh Tomlin doesn't have Arrieta's name and rep, but he hasn't had a poor start this month. If he can get the lead to Miller, the Indians are in great shape.

And behind Game Six  is Corey Kluber, for my money the best starter on either team.

So yeah, my logic finally has the Indians winning this thing. Which might be a very good sign for the Cubs.

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