Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pic of the Week

A member of the Target Field grounds crew wrestles with
the tarp during the storm that washed out Wednesday's game.

Among the many sour aspects of the 2016 season for the Twins -- and one that no general manager can have any control of -- was the weather.

Wednesday's was the 13th rain delay (or postponement) at Target Field this year. They had another Friday night. I'm not going to try to prove or disprove this assertion, but I doubt there were three homestands without at least one weather delay.

That's part of baseball. The weather matters, and it can (and does) disrupt a team's pitching plans. The Twins lost some good starts to the weather, and overall did not cope well with the disruptions.

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  1. Starting with the first game of the season! Santana's outing in Baltimore cut to two (no run) innings by rain. And then we lost the first nine.